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Affiliate program

  • Introduction

    Newchic Affiliate Program

    1. Introduction:

    1.1. What is the Newchic Affiliates Program?

    Newchic In-house affiliate program is a performance-based (Cost per Sale Payout) affiliate program which helps all of people enjoy earning commission at free time. It is 100% FREE to use our affiliate program.

    Earn money without actually having to sell anything! You don't even need a website! Earning money is so easy with our Affiliates Program. You can promote the Newchic’s coupons, products on your website, blog, social media, or other online platforms to receive a commission on any sale you refer successfully. Click here to register now.

    1.2. Why Newchic Affiliate Program?

    Newchic is committed to helping our affiliates succeed by offering:

    1.Easy and free to join.

    2.Competitive price with 63,000 + items.

    3.Average 2.5 % site conversion rate and $40+ USD order amount.

    4.Earn up to 16% commission.

    5.Free review samples available for excellent reviewers.

    6.  Dedicated affiliate team to support your demands.

    1.3  How does the Newchic Affiliate Program work?

    An affiliate works with us to promote “Newchic” website and products on external sites by posting an affiliate URL. You are paid commission on any order the customer you referred places within 60 days of clicking your link.

    If someone comes to online via your affiliate link and makes a purchase. you can get 10%-16% tiered commission on the sale, and the commissions can be exchanged for cash(paid via PayPal or Western Union).

    1.4 Newchic Affiliate Membership Management


    1) Newchic referral commission earned can be exchanged for:

    10%-16% tiered commission rates for confirmed sales, with 60-day cookie duration.

    Free to join Newchicaffiliate program and with real time reporting and sales tracking.

    2) Commissions can be exchanged for cash, and the minimum withdrawal amount is USD$20.

    3) Referral commissions earned are locked for 45 days after the order has been shipped. This is to allow for any problems or refunds which may occur.

    1.5 How is the commission calculated?

    The commission is calculated as a percentage of the total orders value placed by the customers you referred. The rate is based on your affiliate membership type, as you can see on the chart here below. Each class varies according to the total sales amount of your affiliate account. The more you sell, the higher your commission will be.

    Member Level

    Commission Ratio

    Cash Back Equipment Amount

    How to Join Each Class

    Ordinary Member


    $10 per $100 in referrals

    This is the default class.

    Silver Member


    $12 per $100 in referrals

    Once your paid sales reach $4,000 you are eligible. You will update to next level automatically.

    Gold Member


    $14 per $100 in referrals

    Once your paid sales reach $10,000 you are eligible. You will update to next level automatically.

    Diamond Member


    $16 per $100 in referrals

    Once your paid sales reach $20,000 you are eligible.

  • FAQ

    How can I generate referral links?

    1)  Picture , Product , Category Referral Link:

    Go to “My Account--Affiliate Center --Go to “Promotion Link Tool”.

    Input Newchic product and picture link to generate a referral link bound to your sub-account. Use this link on your website. Notes: at the last of the link, should add your Newchic referral code.

    2) Automatically Generated Links

    Go to  “My Account--Affiliate Center --Go to “Promotion Link Tool”.and search the products you want ( use product ID or keywords) and click "Get Link" to copy the URLs.

    Please find and click in “Ad center- Hot deals”, you can search the products you want ( use product ID or keywords) and click "Get Code" to copy the URLs.

    3) Find the Latest Banners, Coupons & Offers

    Go to “My Account--Affiliate Center --Banners” and find latest available banner and click "get code" to copy the URLs

    Go to “My Account--Affiliate Center --Coupons” and find latest available coupons and click "get code" to copy the URLs.

    How Can I check my affiliate data details?

    1. Go to “My Account--Affiliate Center --Report”, you can check your affiliate account data details.


    For Example, your referral code is xxxxxxx, so the promotion link is :

    The “p”, in from of your referral code, it must be lowercase.

    At the “Amount Details”, you can check your promotion sales details.

    You can withdraw at “Refer Withdraw”.

    How can I Refer Withdraw ?

    You can go to “My Account--Affiliate Center --Home”

    Please sign in Newchic beginning.

    Firstly, go to “ My Account”, please click your user name at the Newchic home page of top right corner:

    When you go to affiliate center home page, you can check and withdrawal the active commission

    The affiliate commission generated from your code will be in three point statuses: PENDING, ACTIVE and CANCEL.

    PENDING: means you still can’t use the affiliate commission temporarily until the order is fulfilled;

    ACTIVE: means you have access to using the affiliate commission;

    CANCEL: means the order is canceled by the customer.

    What kind of payment methods do you support?

    Currently we support PayPal.

    What is Newchic affiliate code ?

    To help you manage promotions, Newchic sets up a sub-account system. Every user can apply for Newchic affiliate code to generate their referral URLs. Those URLs are bound directly to your sub-accounts making it much easier for you to manage.

    Where should I not promote my affiliate link?

    You can promote your Newchic affiliate link through several channels, except for the ones listed here below:

    Google Adwords

    Bing Ads

    Yandex Ads

    Facebook Ads

    Yahoo Ads

    You will have to request our permission prior to promote your affiliate link on these platforms, in order to avoid a conflict of interests between our and your ads.

    If an affiliate is found to be using these channels without our permission, the user will receive a warning. If this behavior continues, then the correspondent affiliate account will be deleted and no commission will be paid. Please check our Terms and Conditions.

    Can I create an affiliate website, social media page or blog?

    You can create a website, blog or social media channel as part of your affiliate strategy. However, the visual identity of your channel can not be similar to the one Newchic 's official channels.

    Please avoid the following:

    - Using "Newchic" on the site page or profile name;

    - Using the Newchic logo as the profile, header or site logo;

    - Communicating or acting as a representative of Newchic;

  • Tips

    Where can I place the links to promote Newchic?

    1. In online chat programs: you can send the links directly to your friends during your online conversations.

    2. In personal blogs: you can publish a link or banner which is related to the subject of your blog Let’s say you love writing about cars, then banners that promote car accessories will probably have a high click-through rate.

    3. On forums: this also is a very good place to promote products that are related to the visitor’s interests. You can post your links in a thread comment while recommending the products with a personal message.

    4. On your own website: you can for instance start your own shopping guide in which you recommend products which can also be found on Newchic, including link and banners.

    5.Finally, you could recommend newchic to friends and colleagues who might be interested in our products. You can share banners and links through email, Facebook, or any other social media.

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